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Mazda is known for producing some of the most practical, durable, and safe vehicles. Autobody Prestige Melbourne is your trusted destination for reliable Mazda smash repairs in Melbourne. As an experienced Mazda smash repairs provider, our expert bodywork technicians can carefully reshape the metal on a car’s body.

In an accident, it’s often the body that bears the brunt of the damage as it absorbs the impact. With our latest repair techniques and cutting-edge equipment, we can repair or replace damaged panels, ensuring your car remains safe and retains its longevity.

Why Do We Use Only Genuine Parts for Mazda?

We prioritise the use of genuine Mazda parts for our Mazda servicing which are manufactured by the original equipment manufacturer. Here’s why:

  • Quality:

    Mazda OEM parts are manufactured with the highest quality standards. While you might think that you can save some money with aftermarket parts, know that they will be of lower quality and can ruin your car’s performance.

  • Compatibility:

    Mazda parts are specifically designed to work for your car. This means you need not worry about accidentally getting the wrong component for your make and model. Original parts are guaranteed to work well for your car.

  • Simplification:

    Choosing Mazda-specific parts avoids confusion while purchasing parts. It is much easier to know what will work for your Mazda. Potentially saving you time and money from buying fake aftermarket parts and having to replace them.

  • Safety:

    Using the wrong products can damage your vehicle, impact your safety, and lead to costly repairs.

  • Warranty:

    Purchasing genuine parts will protect your car’s warranty while aftermarket products can void it. Not just that, OEM parts typically have warranties for the parts themselves while aftermarket parts never have warranties

Procedure We Follow for Mazda Accident Repairs

Our Mazda accident repair process is designed to ensure that your vehicle is restored to its original condition without compromising on safety and integrity.

  • Damage assessment: Using advanced diagnostic tools and their expertise, Our experienced mechanics will thoroughly assess your vehicle to determine underlying issues and repair damaged parts.
  • Insurance claim: If you plan to claim insurance for the accident, we will help you navigate the process.
  • Parts ordering: If any of your car parts need to be replaced, we will place an order for genuine parts for proper fit and quality.
  • Panel and body repair: Our technicians meticulously restore the integrity of your Mazda’s frame, ensuring it meets or exceeds manufacturer specifications. We employ advanced techniques and equipment to address any structural damage. Only genuine parts will be used and manufacturer-recommended repair procedures will be followed.
  • Cosmetic repairs: Our team focuses on restoring the aesthetic appeal of your Mazda. From repairing dents and scratches to blending paint seamlessly, we strive for flawless cosmetic repairs. We will colour-match the paint and blend it to the highest possible standards so that any visible trace of damage repair will disappear.
  • Mechanical repairs: If any mechanical components were damaged due to the accident, we will repair and replace them depending on the condition.
  • Quality check and testing: Once the entire repair is done, we will quality check the repair before thoroughly washing and vacuuming it.
  • Final inspection and delivery: After the quality check, we will perform a final inspection to ensure that the repair meets the necessary standards. You will then be notified that your vehicle is ready to go and as good as new.

What Makes Us Different from Other Mazda Service Centres?

When we say no job is too small or big for us, know that they are not just empty words. We cover all aspects of vehicle service, from detailing, auto glass repair and bodywork to brake service. Be it an oil change or crash repair, come to us and we will perform quality repair.

  • Mazda mechanics: Our mechanics have undergone specialised training and have a deep understanding of Mazda vehicles. This contributes to a higher quality of service.
  • Genuine parts: We use genuine parts for our repairs and replacements. As discussed before, original parts are specifically designed for your vehicle and are known for their quality and compatibility. Your car’s functionality and performance will be maintained when genuine parts are used.
  • Customer service: Exceptional customer service is another potential factor that differentiates our Mazda service centre from others. We address your concerns and prioritise clear communication and personalised experience.
  • Advanced diagnostic equipment: We use advanced diagnostic equipment to quickly and accurately identify issues with your vehicle. Thereby providing precise repairs with less downtime.
  • State-of-the-art facility: Our modern facility helps us perform all kinds of automotive repair and maintenance services. From regular servicing to major repairs, you can be sure that your car will be treated with utmost care.
  • Specialised services: We offer specialised services that are customised to meet your needs.
  • Convenience: Minimise disruptions to your routine with our convenient pick-up and delivery services and 24-hour towing service, ensuring a seamless repair experience.
  • Replacement Car: Stay mobile and maintain your daily activities without interruption by taking advantage of our complimentary replacement car while your vehicle is being expertly repaired.

Contact us on 1800 002 276  or email us at [email protected] for quality Mazda car services


Mazdas are one of the most reliable and reasonable car brands to maintain and repair. However, the repair cost depends on the intensity of the damage and the types of services you need. Contact us on 1800 002 276 to get an estimate.

If you are involved in an accident that is not your fault, it’s important to gather all relevant information, including the other party’s details and insurance information. Contact us, and we’ll guide you through the process of handling the repairs and insurance claims.

Yes, we offer quick and reliable fixes to your car’s dents and scratches. While some shallow scratches can be easily removed others need in-depth repairs.

We Work with All Car Insurance Companies and Can Help You with The claims Process

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